Blogging 101 Title and tagline

I am not going to change neither title nor tagline, because in the beginning of the year I changed blog URL and also the title. After lot of brainstorming I ended up in findig a blog title that in two words describes my two main-topics: „Kraut“ means „green plants or herbs“ in general and „Kleid“ means „dress“. I write about sewing and gardening, with a main emphasis on sewing though, but „Kraut und Kleid“ sounds better than „Kleid und Kraut“. There is a german idiom „Kraut und Rüben“ (Herb and beet) so the title is an allusion to this.

The tagline, too, is an allusion to the idiom „vom säen und ernten“ ( about sowing and havesting)  just that I replaced „säen“ (sowing) by „nähen“ (sewing). Gee, this even works in english „about sewing and harvesting“.

I like to play with words, beeing creativ in my own language is important to me. The German is rather unique, we can allign tons of word to create something with a differenciated meaning.

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  1. I’m impressed with your jacket. Funny how ’sowing and sewing‘ sound the same in Englsh. The only sewing I ever do is mending holes in clothes (boring!), but I grow vegetables in my front garden, so I do lots of sowing. If you’re posting in German, it might help me refresh my German, and if not, maybe I’ll learn more about gardening.


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