Blogging 101: Who I am and why I’m here

WordPress offers with the „blogging university“ a three weeks assignment to improve ones blogging, a really great idea. I blog already quite some time but I still feel I could improve my blogging and get myself to write more regularly.

As to who I am: my name is Stefanie, I live in Germany (You might have guessed this by my most exclusively german- written posts 😉 ) an I blog about sewing and gardening. And sometimes about other bits and pieces in my life.

As I live in a constant battle with the new wordpress editor – I don‘ t like it at all – I decided to give this tool  a three weeks chance to see wether I can warm up with it anyway. Heaps of people are quite happy with it, so maybe it is not so bad at all.

I am very intrigued about what will happen in the next three weeks. Unfortunately I cannot promise to write in english all throughout the course, it takes a lot of time and is rather difficult for me, not beeing a native speaker.

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  1. I congratulate you on learning English as a second language, I can understand your reason for not posting in Deutsch as I learnt some of the language in high school (my father is Deutsch), but have forgotten most of it so don’t hold me to that! You have 3 different words for ‚the‘ so I’ve always wondered how you remember which one to use quite frankly. Anyway, since I’m trying to relearn Deutsch, I think it will be a good thing to look at your blog to remind myself of the way the language is used in practice. Good luck with the course, and with your studies.

    Tchuss (sorry no umlaut)



  2. There are a couple of German speakers in this edition of Blogging 101. If you prefer to write the posts on your own blog in German rather than English, you may still be able to get feedback on them.


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